Holding Doctors Accountable For Negligence

Seeking a doctor's care is a step toward recovery and should not worsen your condition. You assume that the medical professional you hire adheres to the basic standards of care. When someone you trust with your health falls short, that trust is shattered.

Overcoming Obstacles For Malpractice Victims

At Witt Law Group, we represent victims whose lives have been affected by the following negligent acts:

  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors
  • Foreign objects left in the body during surgery (sponges, scissors, needles, etc.)
  • Bedsores/decubitus ulcers
  • Inadequate nursing care
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Radiological errors

The Value Of Working With A Former Defense Lawyer

Medical malpractice claims are complex and not for the inexperienced lawyer. In addition to representing plaintiffs in these types of claims, attorney Susan Witt has insight as a former defense attorney for medical professionals. Her unique point of view — and nearly 20 years of experience in this complex field — make her a strong patients' rights advocate and bring value to your case. She is skilled at developing trial strategies for maximizing your compensation.

Our extensive resources and connections: In addition to a wealth of experience, lawyer Susan Witt has a team of experts she regularly calls upon to help evaluate and bolster claims. These resources and connections bring value to your case.

While your ability to trust may be compromised, we ask that you place your trust in us. Instead of hyping our experience, we perform. Instead of promoting our success, we achieve. The proof of our success is in the results we achieve for victims of medical malpractice.

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