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A Former Defense Lawyer Who Knows The Ropes

When you're suffering from a serious injury or the loss of a loved one, you need an attorney who knows not only the law, but also how the other side thinks. At Witt Law Group, we offer that level of well-rounded experience.

Our attorney applies a strong legal background to maximize clients' recovery. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Susan Witt understands how the other side will likely approach your case, both in terms of valuing your claim and defending against it. Her insight into your opponent's potential strategies and tactics will work to your advantage through all stages of your case.

What Sets Us Apart

In addition to our attorney's strong credentials and robust background on both sides of the courtroom, we offer:

  • A commitment to quality, personal representation: We are not a volume-based practice. We understand that every case is different, involving its own unique challenges and priorities. You can count on us to devote individualized attention to your case. By working directly with our attorney, you will reap the benefits of her diligence, dedication and commitment to your cause.
  • The experience, resources and skill set to achieve positive results: While no lawyer can guarantee results, we can guarantee that we will make every effort — and apply the vast resources at our disposal — to secure a positive outcome. Our lawyer will apply nearly 20 years of on-the-ground experience to help you prevail.
  • The critical analysis necessary to build a strong case: When it comes to personal injury, there is no such thing as a simple case. A single accident or injury may involve multiple contributing factors and intersecting theories of liability. Our lawyer knows how to take advantage of all the legal grounds that work in your favor.
  • Connections with top-notch professionals and experts: Insurance companies have a strong team of experts on their side. We, too, draw on a network of trusted experts in various fields — including investigators, accident reconstructionists, medical experts and health care providers. We will pull in the right team for your case to establish a solid foundation of evidence from the outset.

These traits have earned our firm a respected reputation throughout the Atlanta area.

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