Protecting Your Interests

Aggressive Representation For Elder Abuse Or Neglect

The selection of a nursing home is not a decision to take lightly. Researching homes, reviewing testimonials and visiting facilities are important as you find the facility best suited for your loved one. Unfortunately, abuse or neglect can happen, even with careful research.

If you have witnessed abuse or neglect, noticed changes in your family member’s appearance or behavior or suspect something is not quite right at their facility, don’t hesitate to contact our attorney at Witt Law Group. It is important for visiting family to always be alert for any signals that could indicate neglect or abuse.

We Protect The Rights Of Victims

Our attorney provides experienced representation for Georgia residents whose trust was betrayed by negligent or abusive nursing home staff. Specific cases have included:

  • Medication errors (wrong medication or dosage)
  • Bedsores caused by neglectful staff
  • Falls in understaffed nursing homes
  • Physical, verbal and financial abuse

Susan Witt possesses the experience and insight as a former defense attorney for nursing homes. She uses that knowledge and unique insight in defending facilities to represent victims of elder abuse and negligence.

Today, she is a patients’ rights advocate who fights to maximize compensation through strong, fact-based legal claims that range from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries.

Working With Experts To Build A Strong Case

We often call upon our network of experts to build strong cases. Put simply, we have the right resources and connections to pursue maximum compensation.

Elder abuse and neglect claims in a nursing home or assisted living facility are complex and time-consuming. We explain the law and how it applies to your facts, helping you to understand each step in this process. Throughout the course of your case, we stay in contact with you, updating you on the status of your claim.

Time Is Of The Essence. Contact Our Atlanta Law Office.

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation regarding assisted living or nursing home negligence, call our Atlanta office at 404-856-0411 or fill out our online intake form.